Photo by Eric Kerney

Many artists use their own lives as a kind of case study to examine what it’s like to be human.
  -Terry Gross

Mechele Peters is an American singer/songwriter who offers a uniquely human emotional voice rooted in old school country and americana.

From the Michigan countryside to the streets of London and back again, Mechele’s sound is reminiscent of the Outlaw sound she heard on the truck radio as a child.

Her first release “My American Sunflower” was very much a reflection of years spent in London as a young woman and an objective look at her home country from abroad.

From London in the late 90’s to some time spent in New York City, Mechele decided her heart and soul remained in the landscapes of rural Michigan, which is apparent in her soon to be second release “A Thousand Fields.”

Having spent a significant amount of time not performing after the birth of her son, Mechele is returning  to the music scene with “A Thousand Fields”.

While “Sunflower” is a nod to love, loss and political disenchantment of a twenty something, “A Thousand Fields” is very much a coming of age adult look at some of the same subjects and how tough shared human experiences can become transformative.

Look for “A Thousand Fields”  in January 2015.